Bryan + Sheila | Engagement | Joshua Tree, Ca

Joshua Tree is a wonderful experience with clients. It's an hour-ish drive and I like to drive my clients with me. We get to talk and kinda break the ice before I stuff the camera in their faces. This couple right here were a real treat as they're both fellow Crossfitters! It's cool when you have things in common, OH and he also takes photos. Just connecting on all sorts of levels.

I've also started shooting video for my engagement shoots. It's beyond fun for me. You don't see a lot of photographers offering this so its neat to be somewhat ahead of the curve (VEERRRYYYY slightly). When you finish scrolling through these, you'll find the video and all its glory. I shot photo and video and edited erthang. 

Any who, if I had to choose one location to shoot at for the rest of my life... yea. This is it.