about Joey


I just said "about joey" as if someone else is creating this? Hey! It's Joey and no one knows Joey better than Joey so I can assure you I know what i'm talking about when it comes to who I am. I'm extremely extroverted (but don't worry I can tame this vessel if needed). I absolutely love to make people smile and laugh. The amount of fun and professionalism I can bring to your big day will have you raving about me for months on end. As conceited as that may sound, i've got brides and grooms to back that up. I want you to have memories you'll cherish until death do you part. I don't want to be considered a "vendor" but a freaking dang good friend that brought the fire along side you two! 

You'll notice that I do both photography and cinematography. These both go hand in hand. Each bring me an incredible amount of joy in this life. These mediums give me purpose. I get to capture important life moments. I do this for a living (that is so crazy that I get to say that). With that being said, let me leave you with some fun facts. I'm deaf in my right ear (wow! so fun!), my wifes name is Harmony and my kids are Symphony, Melody and Rhythm. Though it may not look like im physically active i've been doing Crossfit for three years! I'm excited to meet you two and honestly the fact that you're even considering me is an awesome feeling! 

-Joey Reger